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The Message Boards are located in BlackBoard. Login with your SJU email address and password. The Message Boards are places for students to interact with other students on assigned discussion questions. You will have an assignment that involves reading certain materials and visiting certain websites. You are then directed to write an essay on a topic that covers the materials. You post your essays in the thread by replying to the discussion question. Do NOT start a new thread! Each essay is worth a maximum of 20 points. If you fail to answer a discussion question, you get "0." If you answer a discussion, but it is late, your grade is reduced by 20% for each late day.

Over the next three (3) days, you MUST engage in a substantive discussion of the topic by posting a minimum of 5 different substantive comments on a minimum of 3 different essays by other students. Over the last three (3) days, you MUST respond to a minimum of 5 different comments from classmates. You must have posted a minimum total of 10 messages in addition to your initial essay answering the discussion question.

Dr. Furfero makes comments on student posts in the Discussion Forums. Read them! If Dr. Furfero responds to one of your posts, you are obligated to respond to her message.

The grades on late essays and late comments are reduced by 20% for each late DAY. The Discussion Question automatically closes at the end of the 2-week discussion period.

NOTE: A substantive message incorporates and builds upon the ideas of the other students. It digs deeper into the assignment question and shows value as a seed of reflection for other students' comments. Each substantive comment and/or response is worth a maximum of 2 points. Answers like "I agree," "Right on," "I wrote the same thing in my essay," and "Yeah, the same thing happened to me" do not count. Repeating the same comment (or the gist of the comment) more than once does not count. Keep a discussion fresh. Challenge your classmates!

top Meeting Rooms

The Meeting Rooms are in WebEx. Login with your SJU email address and password. Dr. Furfero will send a meeting room number to your SJU email account for each meeting. After a Meeting, Dr. Furfero emails a video of the Meeting to the students.

Entering the Meeting and participating: When you enter the Meeting Room, say, "Hello," and identify yourself by first and last name, "Hello, Charlie Wood is here." SPEAK LOUDLY AND CLEARLY! The Meeting Room is NOT a lecture hall. It is a synchronous discussion forum. Read ALL materials, watch ALL videos, and complete ALL Web-Based Exercises for the week BEFORE coming to a Meeting. Then, ask questions, answer questions, and comment on other people's comments. Participate in the discussion at all costs. When called on to answer a question, respond as soon as possible, even if it is, "Yeah, doc, I'm still here." Then, answer the question. You get up to 20 points toward your final grade for coming and participating. If you do not come, OR if you come and refuse to turn on your webcam and microphone, you get a ZERO! And, above all else, remember that a Meeting Room is for meeting. So meet!