ARLENE JOYCE FURFERO (Dr. 440***) was born in a little log cabin in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, long before Willam Penn coined the phrase "City of Brotherly Love". In another life, she was a belly dancer. Now, she settles for the sedate life of economics, finance, and the law. Needless to say, she is veeerrry booorrring.

Dr. Furfero received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Pace College, her Master of Arts degree from Pace University, her Doctor of Philosophy degree from Rutgers University, and her Doctor of Jurisprudence from Pace University School of Law. Needless to say, she loves those fraternity parties.

Dr. Furfero has written many articles and a few books, all of which will eventually be published at this website. However, don't hold your breath. Dr. Furfero is a veeerrry BIG procrastinator.

Dr. Furfero is currently an Associate Professor of Economics and Finance in the College of Business Administration at St. John's University, Jamaica, New York. She has been with St. John's since 1980. She was previously on the faculty of St. Peter's College, Jersey City, New Jersey, and has held adjunct positions at Pace University, Douglass College, University College of Rutgers University, and Seton Hall University. Needless to say, she has been teaching for a veeerrry looonnng time.

Dr. Furfero designed and installed her first website on AOL in August 1997 and introduced her students to web-based tools as part of their education. For Christmas 1997, Dr. Furfero's son bought her a domain name and, in January 1998, she moved her website to its present site at Since January 2000, when St. John's began its distance learning program, Dr. Furfero has been teaching half of her courses online from her home office.

Dr. Furfero is also an attorney at law, admitted to practice in the New York and Second Circuit courts. She specializes in civil litigation (contract and statutory issues, but no slip-and-fall cases, please). Her area of expertise is researching obscure points of law that no one has ever heard of, no one cares about, and no one will ever use. Needless to say, she is a walking fountain of useless information.

Dr. Furfero drives a little red sports car. When Dr. Furfero was in graduate school, the chair of the Economics Department drove a little red sports car. Therefore, Dr. Furfero reasoned: If Dr. Furfero drives a little red sports car, she will become the chair of the Economics Department. Post hoc ergo propter hoc!
Dr. Furfero has one daughter, LAUREN, a half-century old (a chip off the old belly dancer, so to speak)
who is married to MICHAEL, over a half-century old (not really the caveman he thinks he is)
one son, DAVID, almost a half-century old (the picture speaks for itself)
one grandson, NICKY, age 30 (the little devil is now a sales rep for a promotional products company)

one grandson, MIKEY, a college-bound frosh in September (the COOL kid)

one grandson, MATTY, sweet 16 (my NEVERLAND child),

and one granddaughter, LAILA, age 6 (the dancing turtle!)

Needless to say, one of Dr. Furfero's favorite pastimes was babysitting, but now her little chick-a-dees have pretty much flown the coop.

Dr. Furfero has three other favorite pastimes: playing bridge, going to Bikram yoga, and playing tennis. Any student, who beats her at the bridge table or on the tennis court, automatically gets an A in her course. Needless to say, she never concedes.

Dr. Furfero also has/had some house cats:
Axl Fred
b. Jan 1989
RIP Jun 1990
b. Jan 1990
RIP 12/9/06
at 11:15 am
b. Apr 1991
RIP 11/23/02
at 2:30 am
b. Apr 1991
RIP Apr 1992
b. Apr 1991
RIP Nov 1992
b. Apr 1991
RIP Nov 1992
b. Oct 1994
RIP 2012
b. 1998
RIP 8/5/16
b. 4/15/03
RIP 3/25/19
at 3:30 pm
b. 8/1/07
RIP 4/6/22
at 1:30 pm
arr'd Mar 2016
left Nov 2016
and a couple of strays:
Oops! From where did that bird come?!!!
Dr. Furfero's ex-husband, ALLEN, passed away on May 21, 2005. Peace to my hippie love.

*** "440" is the phonetic pronunciation for "Furfero".